The best resorts

Bangla road
Phuket's most famous Bangla Road wakes up with sunset. For transport, a red light comes on, indicating that the time has come for dancing, unbridled fun and sexual pleasure. The…

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Italy's 8 most romantic honeymoon destinations and more
There is such an expression "Italian passion." It is in this country that ardent feelings between lovers resemble the erupting Etna, hot noon on the beach or strong espresso. Perhaps…

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Rhodes Old Town: An Animated History
The island of Rhodes is one of the best Greek resorts offering to combine a chic vacation against the backdrop of natural beauties with a tour of ancient attractions that…

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Sights of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a vibrant and colorful country where European and Asian cultures are closely intertwined. This is a modern prosperous state, carefully preserving its values ​​and history. Hundreds of historical sights are located throughout the country: fortresses and palaces, ancient cities and mosques, preserved from the times of powerful Persia. Azerbaijani resorts on the coast of the Caspian Sea are excellent health resorts where you can improve your health, fully relax and sunbathe on the well-maintained beaches. Fans of picturesque landscapes are attracted to the country by the natural beauty of Azerbaijan. Here, the peaks of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Ranges pierce the sky, in the Gobustan Reserve mud volcanoes beat from the ground, Lake Geigel sparkles with a smooth surface. In Azerbaijan, 9 out of 11 climatic zones of the planet are represented – from the subtropics, where banana palms grow, to alpine zones with Continue reading

The best train routes for tourists

Any type of transport that mankind invented sooner or later becomes the property of travelers and tourists. Recently, tours to uncharted corners of our planet have become popular.

It offers tourists bus tours to different cities and countries, tours by helicopter and small airplanes. But the most reliable and time-tested type of movement over long distances is railway transport. Nowadays, it has been unjustly underestimated by tourists. But in vain, after all, in many countries of the world, and in Russia as well, there are many magnificent railway routes that run through the most beautiful corners of our planet.

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Incredible hiking trails

You do not have to be an experienced extreme tourist in order to be able to appreciate the amazing beauty of the world seen on the most picturesque hiking trails.

Track around Annapurna, Nepal

Perhaps visiting this place is a kind of “mainstream”, but the popularity of the trail surrounding Annapurna has a pretty good reason. The secret lies in the breathtaking hike 160-233 km long, which will lead you through the jungle, bypassing mountains, waterfalls, expanses of rice fields and fairy-tale villages.

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San Francisco

San Francisco … a mystery city, a dream city. It amazes with its colors and diversity. Of the thousands of places on the planet it is impossible not to recognize, not to allocate, it is impossible not to notice, not to remember!

A stunningly picturesque place in the arms of the endless expanse of water. This city stands on a cape washed by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, in the very west of the United States. He has no analogues and cannot be! Panorama of San Francisco, California, USA Anyone who has ever visited this Continue reading

Independent travel

Questions that interest many who want to relax abroad – How do I start traveling on my own? – What are the advantages of independent travel over the usual practice of a vacationer – “I went and bought a ticket, I went to rest, and on arrival I boasted to my hotel’s familiar stars and the buffet with him”?

In order to put tiles on the floor, you need to invite a specialist tiler, paint the ceiling – hire a painter … Perform simple steps using the Internet:

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Bangla road
Phuket's most famous Bangla Road wakes up with sunset. For transport, a red light comes on, indicating that the time has come for dancing, unbridled fun and sexual pleasure. The…


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Best resorts in Spain, Castelldefels
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