The best train routes for tourists
Any type of transport that mankind invented sooner or later becomes the property of travelers and tourists. Recently, tours to uncharted corners of our planet have become popular. It offers…

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Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca is the main city of the island of Mallorca and the capital of the autonomous Balearic Islands, which includes the famous resorts of Ibiza, Menorca, Formentera. There…

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Volcano valley
Valley of Volcanoes We have planned this trip for a long time and thoroughly prepared for it. And finally, the stars formed as needed, we agreed on the holidays, agreed…

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Independent travel

Questions that interest many who want to relax abroad – How do I start traveling on my own? – What are the advantages of independent travel over the usual practice of a vacationer – “I went and bought a ticket, I went to rest, and on arrival I boasted to my hotel’s familiar stars and the buffet with him”?

In order to put tiles on the floor, you need to invite a specialist tiler, paint the ceiling – hire a painter … Perform simple steps using the Internet:

Find and book flights at the lowest price
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Volcano valley

Valley of Volcanoes We have planned this trip for a long time and thoroughly prepared for it. And finally, the stars formed as needed, we agreed on the holidays, agreed on the delivery, and we set off … Ahead of a month of trekking, unexplored places, stunning nature and volcanoes ..

Route: with. Orlik – p. Sentsa – min. Choigan – min. Hoito-gol – Valley of Volcanoes – Lake Hara Nur. From Irkutsk through Slyudyanka, the village of Mondy, bordering Mongolia, and the starting point of the path is the village of Orlik. In Irkutsk, from the starting point – the station, we get to know our driver – Boris, a former forester in the Tunka Valley, and now the “master of the taiga”, providing transportation to the pedestrian trail. In his car we drive to Orlik, where our first night will be held. A small village, the local population – Buryats herders. We meet our fellow travelers, a couple from Irkutsk and several Continue reading


Istanbul is the heart of Turkey, the most important cultural, industrial and commercial center of the country. This is the only city on the planet located simultaneously on 2 continents – in Europe and Asia. Washed by the waters of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara, Istanbul is a major port. The Bosphorus connects the Black and Mediterranean Seas, a large number of ships pass through it, so there is always heavy traffic in the harbor.

The picturesque Golden Horn Bay divides the European half of Istanbul into 2 parts: Eminenyu (Old City) and Beyoglu (New City).

On the peninsula in the southern part of the bay lies the Old Town. Ancient architecture was preserved there, creating the illusion of presence in past centuries.

The new city was built north of the entrance to the bay. It includes the harbor area of ​​Karakoy, as well as the Continue reading

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An honest review about the rest in Bangkok: the pros and cons of visiting it
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Tunnels Ku Chi
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10 things to do in Phuket
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The best resorts in Malaysia
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