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Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands. In ancient times, it was located on trade routes. Due to its favorable geographical position, the island was repeatedly captured. At different times, it was owned by Turks, Hellenes, Phoenicians, Persians and Knights of the Order of the Ioannites, therefore, in Rhodes, a mixture of different cultures is still felt. It manifests itself in architecture, the mentality of its inhabitants and even gastronomic habits.

The island received its name in honor of a nymph named Rhodes, who was the beloved of the sun god Helios. In honor of their patron, the islanders erected the Colossus – one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” The height of the statue exceeded 35m. However, due to a strong earthquake in 222 (226) BC. the giant collapsed.

Today, Rhodes is famous for its pristine beaches, picturesque bays, medieval castles, natural beauties and the best conditions for windsurfing in Europe. The waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea merge here, so the rest on this ancient land promises to be special.

The island is dominated by a subtropical Mediterranean climate, which makes Rhodes one of the warmest places in Greece. Here, almost 300 days a year, the sun shines. The hottest month is August. The thermometer column crosses the 30C mark.

The swimming season opens in late April and lasts until the end of October. Water gradually warms up to 24-25C. Winters are mild and warm. In January and February, the main share of rainfall is in the form of rain. The coldest month is January. The air warms up no more than 10-12C.

Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island has amazing natural landscapes and a whole range of cultural and historical attractions.

Rhodes Old Town

This is an object of world significance, protected by the state. The medieval city is an open-air museum, where every street, square or house is associated with some significant historical event. Temple of Aphrodite, Gate of Freedom, Knights Street, Hippocrates Square are a must.

Lindos City
Local ancient ruins form a single whole with modern buildings. Relaxing on the sandy beach, you can watch the archaeological site. It is worth visiting the miniature church of Panayia, the acropolis with the temple of Athens, the port and the knight’s castle.

Rhodes fortress
The fortress was built in ancient times, for several hundred years it selflessly guarded the inhabitants from invaders. In the 16th century, the structure was strengthened — additional towers were erected, the walls were made thicker, the ditches were dug deeper.

Mandraki Harbor
This is one of the most important harbors in Rhodes and the most famous in the world. It was here that the Kolos of Rhodes stood. If you take a walk along the harbor, you will see a lot of interesting things: the Italian church Evangelismos, the main post office of the island, decorated with intricate sculptures, the building of the Nea Agora market, made in the Islamic style, the lighthouse, built in 1863. and re-launched in 2007.

Suleiman Mosque in the old city of Rhodes
There are 14 mosques in the capital. The most significant is the Great Suleiman Mosque, built in 1522. It became the first Islamic religious building on the island.

Butterfly Valley
This is a unique nature reserve located 30 km from the capital. Here are myriads of motley butterflies. Shallow lakes and streams create a wonderful humid microclimate. Trees emit fragrant resins that attract insects from all around.


The eastern coast of Rhodes, washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, consists of a series of sandy beaches, some diluted with small pebbles. The mountains in the central part of the island protect the area from strong winds. The main resort areas are Lindos and Faliraki.

Lindos beaches

For several years in a row, the beach of this resort village became the owner of the Blue Flag. This is the highest environmental award in Europe. The long coastline, covered with silky sand, is maintained in perfect condition. In the crystal waters, brisk little fish swim. It makes sense to bring fins and a mask.

Thanks to the shallow bottom, the sea warms up well already at the beginning of the tourist season, therefore couples with children like to be here.

A wide variety of water activities are available. There is all the necessary infrastructure. The landscape of the beach is determined by the ancient Acropolis, towering on a mountain.

St. Paul’s Bay

According to legend, the biblical apostle Paul appeared in this area, by whose name a bay was reminiscent of the shape of a heart. There are 2 beaches for tourists: natural and man-made, carved into the rock. Due to the bizarre landscape, there are rarely high waves and strong winds.

The coastline is sandy and pebble. There are even rows of sun loungers on it, behind which there is a tavern where they treat themselves to delicious dishes.

Perfect cleanliness of the coastline, sea, painting

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Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands. In ancient times, it was located on trade routes. Due to its favorable geographical position, the island was repeatedly captured. At…