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Cambodia is a small kingdom located in the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula. In the course of its turbulent and bloody history, the state has changed its name more than once. It was known as Kampuchea and the Khmer Republic with many prefixes to these main political and geographical names.

The capital is Phnom Penh with a population of over 2 million people. Currency is riel.

The weather in Cambodia is determined by the tropical monsoon climate, which forms 2 seasons. The dry season, as in all of Southeast Asia, lasts from November to March. At this time, there are many tourists in the country. The rainy season begins in June, and ends only in October. Most precipitation falls in the summer months. The southeastern part of the country, including Phnom Penh, is particularly affected by heavy rains.
During the year, the air temperature warms up to + 27-30 ° C during the day, and in summer it sometimes crosses the + 35 ° C line. Water temperature keeps at a comfortable mark + 25-26 ° С.

Phnom Penh Airport
The country has 3 air ports: one of local importance in Sihanoukville, as well as two international – in Siem Reap, near Angkor Wat, and the capital Phnom Penh. The latter accepts the bulk of foreign tourists.

Phnom Penh Airport
Located about 10 km from the capital, the airport serves more than 2 million passengers annually. The infrastructure is well developed, there is free Wi-Fi.

The easiest way to get to the capital is by taxi. On the territory of the terminal there is a sign indicating the zones and cost of the trip. The trip will cost from 10 to 15 USD. The distance to Phnom Penh can also be overcome by tuk-tuk. It will cost about 7 USD, but the level of comfort will be already lower.

Siem Reap Airport
This air hub is located about 8 km from the city. Here, tourists who wish to explore the magnificent temple complex of Angkor Wat land here. The airport has everything you need: a lounge area, a luggage room, a cafeteria and even a duty-free shop.

A taxi ride to the city will take no more than 25 minutes and will cost from 6 to 8 USD. The same path can be overcome with a knock-knock for 3-4 USD.

Despite the fact that Angkor Wat is located closer to the airport, the trip will cost the same.

Sihanoukville Airport
Formally, this airport has international status, but so far planes from neighboring Vietnam occasionally land in it. In fact, it only accepts domestic flights. Service is low, there are practically no amenities for passengers. To get to the city, located about 20 km from the airport, it is better to use a mini-bass. It will cost 6 USD.


This is the largest religious building in the world and a visiting card of Cambodia, and therefore almost every tourist wants to go there. This temple complex dedicated to the god Vishnu is one of the most beautiful creations of Khmer architecture. Its construction lasted 30 years from 112 to 1152. In the center of the composition are 3 cone-shaped structures of different heights, 5 towers, as well as several galleries, each of which rises above the previous one. Angkor Wat is surrounded by a high wall and a moat filled with water.

You can wander around the territory of the archaeological site all day. It is especially picturesque at dawn, when the sun rises over the ruins, painting the walls in all shades of red.

The temple was built in the early 18th century and commemorates the god Brahma. Ta Prom is notable for not being completely cleared. It turned out to be a lost city in the jungle, demonstrating the inexorable power of nature, when vines sprouted through masonry, and the trees with their crowns deprived of the construction of roofs.

The ancient capital of Angkor Thom

The city was the capital of the once powerful Khmer empire. The population of the metropolis reached 1 million people. Paved streets, beautiful temples, monuments, public and religious buildings have sunk into oblivion, leaving majestic ruins, which, nevertheless, deserve attention.

In the center of the city stands the Bayon Temple, which attracts with interesting architecture.

The magnificent royal palace is located in Phnom Penh. This is not just a museum, but the residence of monarchs, so not all rooms are open to the public.

Having examined the accessible halls and the adjacent territory, everyone will be imbued with the spirit and grandeur of this place. The throne room, the treasury, the silver pagoda, the bright frescoes, and the Buddha statue are especially impressive.

This natural attraction is located in the west of Cambodia, in the province of Kampongchnang. Tonle Sap is a river that, in one of the sections of its journey to the sea, becomes so wide that it resembles a lake. It is notable for houseboats, whose inhabitants have nothing against the lack of solid soil under their feet. Another unusual feature of this aquatic artery is its ability to change direction during the monsoon.

National parks

The reserves of Bokor, Virachey, Kirir offer to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region.

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