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Samui is an island located in the province of Surat Thani on the east coast of Thailand, and one of the most popular resorts. Its area is only 228.7 km2. However, Samui is the second largest island in the Kingdom of Siam after Phuket. Snow-white beaches, the azure sea, coral reefs with bizarre inhabitants, plantations of slender coconut palms have made it a desirable vacation spot among the inhabitants of northern latitudes, not spoiled by the warm sun.

The development of the resort began relatively recently, the first backpackers arrived on the island in the mid-1990s and were immediately fascinated by its unspoiled beauty. Despite the fact that the development of the region is proceeding quite rapidly, on the adjacent islands you can still feel like a hermit far from the civilized world.

Samui lies in the tropics, so there are only 2 seasons – dry and wet.

The rainy season begins in November and ends in early or mid-January. Heavy rains are not continuous, the sun periodically peeps. Air temperature rarely drops below + 30C.

From February to May, the dry season lasts. This time is the best time to visit the island.

From May to November, the weather is fine, when a short tropical rain sometimes cools down on a hot day. Nothing prevents a comfortable rest. Air temperature is about + 30C, water temperature is about + 26-27C.

May is considered the hottest month. The sweltering heat is up to + 35C.

The main attraction of Samui is a statue of the Big Buddha, which protects the peace of the islanders. Its height is 12 m. The giant is located on the neighboring islet of Fan, which can be reached on foot through the dam. A long staircase leads to the statue. Before you climb it, you must remove your shoes. The view from the top is amazing.

Wat Plai Lem Temple was built in 2004. Its ceiling and walls, which have been painted for more than 3 years, tell about the life path of the Buddha. The smallest details traced in detail are striking.

Alleys decorated with columns, statues and figures of mythical animals go in different directions from the temple. Each alley leads to one of 14 deities, the main thing is a Happy Buddha sitting on a lotus.

The statue of the goddess of mercy Guan Yin with 18 arms is also very impressive. She is considered the patroness of children, women and all those who are in a difficult situation.

The temple complex is surrounded by ponds inhabited by ornamental carps. Everyone can feed them for a moderate fee.

Wat Kunaram Temple is famous for its mummified monk named Luang Pho Daeng. The guru actively practiced meditation and attained true enlightenment. He predicted his death and in 7 days, said goodbye to relatives and students, prayed, went into meditation and died. For an unknown reason, his body does not decompose. The body of the monk is stored in a special glass sarcophagus.

Located in the southern part of Lamai Beach, the Hin-Ta and Hin-Yai Rocks, which means Rock Grandfather and Grandmother, are a natural attraction. They are surprisingly reminiscent of male and female genital organs.

It is worth visiting the two-level Namtok waterfall. The height of the first is approximately 18 m. Cascading water forms a charming swimming pool.

The height of the second level is 80 m.

You can get acquainted with marine life in the oceanarium. Not far from it is a butterfly garden. Crocodile and snake farms offer tickle nerves.

Excursions to the reserve on Phangan Island and Turtle Island Koh Tao, a favorite place for divers, are very popular.

The main property of the island is the beaches. The best are on the east coast. Chaweng is very popular among holidaymakers. Its length is about 6 km. Enough space for everyone – and water sports lovers and fans of complete relaxation.

A little south lies Lamai. White sand alternates with rocky deposits. It is famous for its spa hotels offering a wide variety of treatments.

Bophut beach in the northern part provides an opportunity to feel the local flavor: tourists and natives live here side by side.

Maenam is a refuge for backpackers and informals. They say that here the most beautiful sunsets on the island – the sun paints the water and the sky in unimaginable colors.

Taling Beach Civilization was practically unaffected by us. The narrow coastline has a smooth descent into the sea. Nearby is a coral reef.

Tongtakian lies in a picturesque bay surrounded by emerald tropical greenery.

Most of the entertainment, bars and restaurants are located near the beaches of Chaweng and Lamai – dancing until the morning, making new acquaintances, delicious Thai dishes and extraordinary shows.

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