How to get from Rome to Naples
Did you know that the sacramental phrase originally sounded exactly like “See Naples and die” - “Vedi Napoli e poi muori”. Indeed, not falling in love with this southern city…

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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, the largest port on the Mediterranean Sea and the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. Here, in a surprising way, seemingly…

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Seychelles Mahe
Mahe is the largest and most developed island of the Seychelles archipelago. An area of ​​28 x 8 km is home to approximately 72,000 people, which is 80% of the…

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Incredible hiking trails

You do not have to be an experienced extreme tourist in order to be able to appreciate the amazing beauty of the world seen on the most picturesque hiking trails.

Track around Annapurna, Nepal

Perhaps visiting this place is a kind of “mainstream”, but the popularity of the trail surrounding Annapurna has a pretty good reason. The secret lies in the breathtaking hike 160-233 km long, which will lead you through the jungle, bypassing mountains, waterfalls, expanses of rice fields and fairy-tale villages.

Zillertal Alps, Austria

Due to the variety of routes among the multifaceted heights of this area, the Zillertal Alps are suitable for tourists to conquer all levels of skill. For example, you should try your hand at the Berliner Höhenweg track, which promises a seven-day trek with a length of 64 km.

Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

As beautiful as dangerous: a trip to Kauai – 35 km round trip – is regularly mentioned in the lists of “the best hiking trails”, as well as “the most dangerous routes”.

Inca Trail, Peru

It takes an average of 4-5 days to complete a route from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. On the mountain path, tourists will find villages and ancient ruins towering more than 4 thousand meters above sea level.

Our reader shared her impressions of staying on Machu Picchu

North Loop Tongariro, North Island of New Zealand

This route is called the “Great New Zealand Trail” for a reason. Four days of hiking along the legendary Kiwi trail 50 km long will give a sea of ​​impressions of the views of Mount Ngauruho.

North Ridge Drakensberg, South Africa

The Drakensberg Ridge is considered by many as one of the best tourist routes. A 64-kilometer path snakes along the border of South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho through beautiful African wilderness.

Appalachian Trail, USA

If only one path had to exist, able to test the courage and fortitude of the traveler, then it would be the Appalachian trail. The reference large-scale hike not for the faint of heart, implying 3,540 km, passes through 14 American states across all possible types of terrain in the United States.

Way from edge to edge of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The territory of the Grand Canyon can be divided into several different tracks running both near the river and retreating to the opposite edge. From May to September, the Grand Canyon is a rather dangerous season, therefore it is recommended to divide the 32-km trek into two days, since at this time the trail annually takes dozens of lives of travelers dying from overvoltage and overheating.

Bay of Lights Bay, Tasmania, Australia

This incredible four-day trek along the east coast of Tasmania has departure and arrival points at Binalong Bay and Eddiston Rock.

Chilkut Pass, Alaska and Yukon, USA-Canada

Known since the gold rush, the Yukon route, which runs through the Chilkut Pass, extends from Dia, Alaska, 53 km to the north, and leads along the Taya River to Lake Bennett.

Tour de Mont Blanc, France

Enveloping 170 km around the base of Mount Mont Blanc, the Tour de Mont Blanc is considered a classic 11-day trek, but marathon runners also use this route, competing in overcoming the entire distance in 24 hours.
Yosemite Great Ridge, California, USA

It takes 8 days, usually a 97-km trek through one of the largest US National Parks, Yosemite, usually includes a Half Dome trek and the following John Muir trail.

Zion Valley, Utah, USA

Recognized by the National Geographic Channel as the fifth of the best American routes, a trip to the Zion Valley is not very long (6 km), but it is amazingly full of the most incredible colors and amazing geological formations.

Queen Charlotte Trail, New Zealand

The Queen Charlotte trail will take 3-5 days of your time, but in return will offer incredible landscapes of New Zealand, which can be seen for 70 km from the Ship Cave to the city of Anakiva.

Mount Everest Base Camp Track, Nepal

The trail to the Base Camp is able to give a truly amazing experience. However, this road is by no means a harmless walk, since the bases on the northern and southern slopes are located at an altitude of about 5180 km or even slightly higher, and the path to them takes almost an entire week of exhausting walking.

Fitz Roy Trail, Patagonia, Argentina

One of the main hiking spots in Patagonia, Mount Fitzroy invites travelers to experience a number of different routes depending on how much time they have at their disposal (the average route is 64 km in length).

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